In the spring of 2008, myself, Dan Carroll, John Dittus, Bubba Tuck, Tony Proctor, John Krebs, Joe Reichert, Ron Lippa, Milton Fenlock, Clint McLamb, Gordon Vipperman, Bill Bennett, and Gene Schenck, all members of different clubs had conversations about forming a yacht club of Armed Forces Veterans. We talked several times about the idea while attending club openings throughout the spring. Several officers and members from other clubs began discussing the new club idea.

One thought was that we were to be a club of all honorably discharged or active members of the Armed Forces. A group of us got together at Bush River Yacht Club in May 2008. At this meeting it was agreed to go ahead with the legal filings of incorporation and charter for the Veterans Yacht Club Association.

The meetings throughout the summer produced charter and corporation filings and established an interim board of officers. Designs of club burgee, organization structure and bylaws were established at following monthly meetings.

Finally, on August 11, 2008 the Veterans Yacht Club was chartered.

The November meeting was held at Eastern Yacht Club. At this meeting flag officers were voted on and approved. Since I will be representing Key Yacht Club as Commodore for 2009, I am unable to be a flag officer for the Veterans Yacht Club. Gordon Vipperman was elected the Founding Commodore, Gene Schenk was elected the Founding Vice Commodore, Bill Bennent was elected the Founding Rear Commodore, and Clint McLamb was elected the Founding Fleet Captain.

Founder: Jim Wilson

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